12 Ways to Prevent Water Damage   

It’s a lot cheaper to prevent a water damage rather than paying for the restoration project. Below are some ways on how to prevent water damage. 

Water Damage

    1. Consider securing good drainage. It is important to have a good drainage to prevent the water from entering your home through cracks. Clean your gutter regularly. A gutter that is blocked will result to falling of the water to the other side of the pathways that may lead inside your house. Ensure that no garbage fell in your gutter that may clogged the pathway that will result to water damage.
    2. 2.Ensure the pipe from the roof should be five to ten feet away from your house.   
    3. Make sure that your yard is inclined from the foundation more or less six inches to ten feet away from your house. It may serve as a cascade of the water from your foundation because it may result to bending of the walls, breaking of the stones or concrete which may create leaks. It is essential in order to protect it from water damage
    4. Don’t allow the soil to be too dry. Put a soaker hose that’s at least 6 inches away from the foundation and dig to the soil at least 3 inches to wet the soil in order for it not to contract and give pressure in your foundation.
    5. Look for pipes that have leaks. Repair the small leaks all the process that are taken care by the santa monica cleaners before it becomes a big one. If you’re not knowledgeable on how to do it, contact a professionalScottsdale water damage specialist.
    6. Be mindful where you plant. There are plants that damage the water pipelines and the drainage system because of their invasive roots with the help of professionals. Plants can be destructive as it grows bigger it may break the pipes, process a bitcoin mix break the walls, the stones or the concretes and may cause leakage.
    7. Inspect the roof for lost and damaged shingles because it may be the reason of the leakage in your home.
    8. Do not pour anything greasy or fatty down your sink. The drainage will be clogged eventually if you pour in it simultaneously. Remember to put it in separate can or trash bin because if we allow it to be drained out in our water pipes it may cause a lot of problem.
    9. Regularly check for any spots or moisture in your toilet floor, sinks, bathtubs and showers. You might need a water damage repair service provider if there is a leak
    10. 10.Check your water bills regularly. If you notice that the bills rise abruptly for no apparent reasons, you may suspect that there is a leakage. Always monitor it religiously.     
    11. Check the ceiling and the attic. See to it that there are no wet spots above just to make sure that there are no leakages because eventually if there is a small spot and you wouldn’t repair it, in no time it will be all over your ceiling and attic.
    12. Repair the old caulking. Regularly check your doors and windows as well as your sink fixtures and bathtubs to make sure that there are no cracks in your caulking. Repair it right away with the help of a professional. For information about financing check out more info on debt settlement

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