Fencing style are very important when you are having your renovations of your garden or backyard or even front yard. After you have the All In One Landscaping, you have to think about what kind of fencing styles should I use or what kind of options do I have for my garden or front yard or backyard. This is also one most important things to consider because you don’t want to look your place like a trash.    

We are going to know more things about fencing in the following types and you can choose which is the best or the most suitable one for you.    


DOG EAR FENCING: Itdoesn’tmean that you have to use the ears of your dog to make this kind of fencing. It simply means that the top part of the fence is curved in an inverted way. Including to this is that every post is being on the high point.  

FLAT TOP FENCING: It is one of thesimplestkind of fencing that people are using nowadays. It is very simple to make and very cheap when it comes to the material that you are going to use. From the name itself flat top, it means that it is just simply flat. No curved, no specific high point, no need to be confused of the design because it is just simply flat type kind of fencing.   

GOTHIC STYLE FENCING: It is also very easy to set up. You can use PVC or wooden fencing for this. This kind of design is in which the points of each wood or PVC are pointed.   

LATTICE TOP FENCING: In some modern houses and gardens. This kind of fencing a very common one. It looks verysophisticatedbecause of the lattice attached to the top part of the fence, which is a regular fencing only. You can put some designs on it and even paint it with the colors you like.    

PICKET TYPE OF FENCING: This is the mostpopularand even very common type of fencing. This fencing has a design of having short fences with spaces in between every words that will totally make up for the fence. Some houses in the countryside prefer to have this kind of fencing because it looks nice and easy to set up.   

SHADOW BOX TYPE OF FENCE: This type of fencing is made up of wood materials. It also gives a little privacy because of the alternating look fashion of every side of the frame of this fencing.   

RAIL TYPE OF FENCING: If you have a large property or largerfarmsout there. It is very common in American houses. It has a horizontal style compared to having it vertically. It doesn’t cost much because you don’t need to use a lot of materials to have this kind of fencing. Of course, people can choose what kind of materials they want to use. It is also very simple to look at.